IJCR - International Journal of Community Research

Volume 6 (issue 1) 2017

Paper 1: Editorial Comment

Paper 2: Prevalence of malaria parasitic infection in pregnancy and its susceptibility in relation to blood group and genotype polymorphism.
Ebadan, M.I., Obodo B. N., Amiegheme, F. E., Uwaifo, F., Omigie, B.E., Iyevhobu L.K., Umassor, A. C. and Aiyeki, G.E

Paper 3: Assessment of total antioxidant status of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Ekpoma and Irrua, Edo State
Airhomwanbor, K.O., Dic-Ijiewere, O.E., Eidangbe, A. P., Idehen, I. C., Uwuigbe, M., Ehimare, R.I., Shabbah, G. M.



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