ARP News: 30th October 2017


The Managing Editor, Anthonio Research Publications, has in the last few months, received correspondences from The African Journals Online (AJOL) on the need to key into an article licensing regime.

 As a follow up to queries regarding it, AJOL wrote this mail to her Editors:   

Dear Editors,


We have been receiving a few queries with regards to the last email concerning OA licensing so we thought we would send a follow up email with further information.


Regarding the year in the copyright and licensing statement, it is not critically important for the year to be included in the statement (although including the year is recommended, as it is standard practice), as long as the year of publication appears somewhere on the first page of the article.

It is also important for journals to note that the application of the copyright and licensing statement is from their next issue forward; it cannot be applied to previously published issues. This statement should also appear on each online platform the journal is indexed on; so that it is visible to potential contributors and readers.

And it’s important for authors to be made aware of the CC license the journal has chosen. If the journal implements an agreement with authors regarding the publication of their article (which is best practice), the agreement should state the license type. This information should also be added to the journals instructions for authors. Please make sure you send AJOL the most recently updated version of instructions to authors document, as well as any other updates in your Editorial Board member, contact details, contact email address/es, guidelines for peer-reviewers, etc.


Finally, we urge journals to choose the CC-BY license, as that is the one most approved by the Open Access community. Again, there is no need to register or apply for these licenses, it is a matter of choosing one and displaying it on the first page of each article published by the journal going forward and on each online platform where this content can be found. The different Creative Commons licenses and further information on each one can be found here:


We STRONGLY encourage you to implement this and to apply to the DOAJ for inclusion as soon as possible. 

Based on the contents of the mail therefore, our instructions to Authors is being revised, while all articles to be published by Anthonio Research Publications will be categorised CC-BY licensed. Also, as part of our correspondences towards article publication, the CC-BY license categorization on all articles accepted for publication by Anthonio Research Publications, shall be so reiterated.

Our authors are kindly requested to take note of this trend, as implementation shall be immediate subsequent to this official news release.


ARP News: 5th October 2016 


The Editorial Board wishes to inform the Scientific/Academic community that our Journals – IJBAIR, IJCR and IJHPR, have been certified by the International Society of Science Researchers (ISSCIR) as her official Journals. The major trusts of the Society are to encourage and promote Science Research locally and internationally, and to provide platforms for talented young scientists with innovative instincts. Therefore, our Journals – IJBAIR, IJCR and IJHPR, have now been fully institutionalized by the International Society of Science Researchers (ISSCIR), Innovative Sciences Research Foundation (ISREF) and several internationally recognized indexing bodies. Prospective authors are confidently invited to submit their valuable articles for publication in any of our Journals. Online submission of manuscripts can be done via



To ensure a broader participation during the article review process, all principal authors/corresponding authors are to send in the email addresses of their co-authors (if there are), alongside their manuscripts for consideration. By this development, all co-authors are now expected to follow the review processes. The authors are also encouraged to identify the specific Journal in which they intend to have their articles published.


Considering the dynamics in the global community, the article processing fees have been reviewed. As such, all accepted articles for publication in any of our Journals shall attract an article processing fee of $85 or its Naira equivalent. This takes effect from the 1st of October, 2016. The accounts department may however, grant limited waivers to authors as appropriate and when necessary. 


News: 20th May, 2016

FIFTH (5th) YEAR ANNIVERSARY (2012 – 2016)

The Managing Editor, on behalf of the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Basic, Applied and Innovative Research (IJBAIR), International Journal of Community Research (IJCR) and International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research (IJHPR), joyfully appreciates the Board of Trustees of the Innovative Science Research Foundation (ISREF) and our esteemed authors/contributors, reviewers, indexing bodies, Internet Service Providers and web-visitors, on the occasion of our 5th anniversary. With your efforts indeed, we have survived several challenges and hope to surmount even greater ones ahead.


The International Journal of Community Research (IJCR) has a new Associate Editor. He is Dr. Nwaopara, Adolphus Uche (MBBCh, AFMCPsych, FWACP) - a Consultant Psychiatrist and Head of the Department of Mental Health, Federal Medical Center, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Dr. Nwaopara, A.U., is also an Adjunct Consultant at the Military Hospital, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, and the Chairman, Board of Trustees, African Foundation for Mental Health Advocacy (AFMHA). It is our strong conviction that his inclusion would strengthen the Editorial Board and widen the scope and reach of the International Journal of Community Research (IJCR).


News: May 14, 2014


The Managing Editor and the entire Editorial Board of Anthonio Research Publications recently received the cheering and delightful news that the three Journals published by Anthonio Research Publication have been approved for indexing in African Journal Online (AJOL). The Journals are:

1. International Journal of Basic, Applied, and Innovative Research (IJBAIR).
2. International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research (IJHPR).
3. International Journal of Community Research (IJCR).

As at this day therefore, Anthonio Research Publications’ Journals have received indexing approvals from JGate, CAS and AJOL. Authors around the world are confidently invited to send their case reports, original articles and reviews for publication in any of these multiple indexed Journals.


News: January 11, 2014


Anthonio Research Publications is delighted to inform all esteemed authors and partners that the following indexing organizations have indexed her journals

 1. J-Gate of Informatics India Limited, for the following journals:
 International Journal Of Basic, Applied And Innovative Research (IJBAIR) (ISSN:   2315-5388)
 International Journal Of Community Research (IJCR) (ISSN: 2315-6562)
 International Journal Of Herbs And Pharmacological Research (IJHPR) (ISSN: 2315-537X)

 Chemical Abstracts Service databases (CAS databases),
for the following journals:
 International Journal of Basic, Applied and Innovative Research (IJBAIR) (ISSN: 2315-5388)
 International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research (IJHPR) (ISSN: 2315-537X) 


The following renowned academics have been appointed as consultants and associate Editors for:


A. Consultant
Prof. Mamoona Nasim

Princess Noura University, Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia.

B.  Associate Editor
Dr Abdul-Kadhum Al-Modhefer, Ph.D.

Queen's University, Belfast,

Northern Ireland.

Dr Nnaemeka Darlington Ndodo Ph.D.; Fulbright
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut,
United States.

Dr Onyebuagu, C. Peter. Ph.D
Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa- Nigeria.

Dr Abdulrahman Bello
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto,

Dr Ramachandra Prabhakar
Dr Prabhakar's Dental Clinic, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,



A. Consultant
Dr Clive Sims, Ph.D

British Psychological Society,
United Kingdom.

 B. Associate Editor
Dr Matloob Ahmed Khan, Ph.D
Assist Prof. of Clinical Psychology,
Addis Ababa University
Ethiopia .

Dr Mahalakshmi Rajagopal
Mental Health Consultant and Self Enhancement Guide

Litchi Knowledge Center,
New Delhi,


A. Consultant
Joshua Eniojukan
Clinical Pharmacy/ Pharmacy
Niger Delta University,

B. Associate Editor
Assist. Prof. Saoussen Hammami

Monastir University,

Dr Yasser Shahzad (Ph.D)
University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,

United Kingdom.

Dr Maan Al-Abbasi, MD, PhD
NewBridge Pharmaceuticals
College of Medicine, Al-Mustansiriyah University

Dr Yasmin Nagaty
Pharm.D. at at Faculty of Pharmacy
Cairo University,

Dr Sreedhar Tirunagari
Makrocare Clinical Research Ltd,

Somnath Mondal
Indian Pharmacopoeia Commision,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India

Muhammad Amir
Clinical Pharmacist at Al-Sharq Hospital,

United Arab Emirates.

Alzayadeen, Raya
Clin. Pharmacist, John's Hopkins-Aramco Healthcare Association,
Saudi Arabia.

Nermeen Ashoush
Clinical Pharmacy Department,
British University in Egypt, El Sherouk, Greater Cairo


News: 21st DECEMBER, 2013

The Innovative Science Research Foundation (ISREF) has also launched the Workers Education Development Project (WOEDEP) for workers who need skill enhancement for better job placement and performance.

To this effect, ISREF recently admitted Mr. Akhimien Emmanuel, a Laboratory Staff of the Department of Anatomy, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, into WOEDEP as “Morgue Research Assistant Intern.” His admission was based on the following:

i. Experience working in the morgue
ii. Ability and willingness to work with Human Cadavers and anatomical specimens.
iii. Ability to transport and place human Cadavers in appropriate locations.
iv. Ability to use basic morgue equipments.

During the period of internship, the WOEDEP Intern is expected to achieve overall proficiency in the following:

1. Morgue Record keeping.
2. Embalming and preparation of laboratory specimen/prosections.
3. Gross Anatomy Laboratory Management.
4. Cremation theory and practice.
5. Equipment use and maintenance.

Admission into WOEDEP is preceded by an indication of interest through an application letter stating job designation, current place of work, highest educational attainment, and challenges. The board of trustees of ISREF would examine the application and assign the candidate to a coordinator who then designs a training focus for the candidate.

ISREF invites all workers having challenges copping with their job placement and performance to apply for WOEDEP. This project is subsidized by the Innovative Science Research Foundation (ISREF). Send your application today via e-mail:

ARP News: 1st December, 2013

The following renowned academic has been appointed as associate Editor for the International Journal of Community Research (IJCR).
1. Asst. Prof. Sneha Saha
Department of Psychology, National Post Graduate College, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh, India.

ARP News: 22nd November, 2013

The innovative science research foundation recently admitted the following candidates into the Graduate Employment and Research Skill Enhancement Project (GERSEP) as “Research Interns”:

1. Miss Agbo Gloria; a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science
2. Mr. Ugboh Chima Innocent; a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science
3. Mr. Idonije Emmanuel; a graduate of Human Physiology

The GERSEP Research Interns are expected to achieve the following during the period of internship

1. Overall research proficiency with specialization in identified area of interest.
2. Develop capacity for independent innovative applications of learnt skills.
3. Develop capacity to discern and apply learnt skills for community service.
4. Pass recommended online courses (especially in identified areas of specialization)
    that are offered by recognized institutions.
5. Publish 15 or more works in renowned online based Journals.
6. Attend academic conferences in the capacity of a student.
7. Design and test-run a private enterprise model in your chosen area of specialization.
8. Identify specific fields for possible application submission

The following renowned academics have been appointed as associate Editors for the International Journal of Basic, Applied and Innovative Research (IJBAIR) and International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research (IJHPR) respectively.

1. Dr Siddiqui, A.U., Ph.D
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur CG,India

2. Olumayokun, Olajide, Ph.D
University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

ARP News: 2nd October, 2013

1. An International Website Rating Organization (SCAMADVISER.COM) in a recent evaluation on our website ( awarded Anthonio Research Publications website a high trust/safe rating of 90%. View our rating

2. Anthonio Research Publication Journals (IJBAIR, IJCR and IJHPR) has been endorsed by the Innovative Science Research Foundation (ISREF). It is a foundation incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to:

a. Produce Research Scientist that can apply direct knowledge towards discerning and suggesting relevant solutions for the numerous challenges plaguing the society.

b. To unlock the potentials in several disciples hitherto restricted to theoretical description.

3. The Innovative Science Research Foundation (ISREF) has launched the Graduate Employment and Research Skill Enhancement Project (GERSEP) for graduates who need skill enhancement for better job placement.

ARP News: 20th September, 2013

This is an update on the achievements of Anthonio Research Publications (ARP) Journals in the past one year.

1. ARP now have two operational websites:;

2. ARP has successfully published
a. Two volumes of IJBAIR {Vol 1 (1-4) 2012; and Vol 2 (1-2) 2013}
b. Two volumes of IJCR {Vol 1 (1-4) 2012; and Vol 2 (1-2) 2013}
c. Two volumes of IJHPR {Vol 1 (1-4) 2012; and Vol 2 (1-2) 2013}

3. ARP has initiated an indexing process with African Journals online (AJOL) which is at its terminal stages.

4. ARP has also applied for indexing with
a. Bioline International
b. Directory of Open Access journals (DOAJ)

5. ARP recently appointed Dr. A.O.Naiho (PhD) and Dr. K.O. Ngwogu (PhD) as associate Editors

Thank you as you make your suggestions

Best regards

Miss Orjiakor Ifechukwu
Editorial assistant
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