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The major trusts of the International Society of Scientific Researchers (ISSCIR), are to encourage and promote Science Research locally and internationally, and to provide platforms for talented young scientists with innovative instincts.


Membership is open to Researchers in the areas of Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Molecular Biology, Animal Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Management Sciences and other related allied sciences.


As a member of ISSCIR, several opportunities abound. Some of these opportunities include:


  1. Skill acquisition for the design, operation, calibration and maintenance of several useful electronic/mechanical equipment in relevant career fields.
  2. Skill acquisition and certification/licensing for entrepreneurship and business branding and management.
  3. Skill acquisition for personnel management and interpersonal communications.
  4. Foundational skill-training for creativity and innovative thought development.
  5. Research proficiency training for local and international grant award writing and processing.
  6. Assistance for career decisions and postgraduate training.
  7. Provision of subsidies for research and conference attendance locally and internationally.



The following are the categories of ISSCIR membership:


(A) Fellowship Member (FELLOWS)

(B) Full Membership and (FM)

(C) Associate Membership (II) (AM 1)

(D) Associate Membership (I) (AM I1)


Fellowship Members are researchers in the disciplines mentioned above and who have acquired their PHD degrees and/or have been appointed University Professors. Such category of members shall be known as “FELLOWS”.


Full Members are researchers in the disciplines mentioned above and who have at least, a Bachelor’s Degree and/or a Master Degree. Such category of members shall be known as “MEMBERS”.


Associate Members (AM I) are undergraduate student-researchers studying at any of the tertiary institutions accredited by the Nigeria Universities Commission or similar commissions in other countries. Such category of members shall be known as “ASSOCIATES (1)”.


Associate Membership (AM II): Young Secondary/Technical students with instincts for-research and innovations. Such category of members shall be known as “ASSOCIATES (II)”.


For associate membership, kindly contact your State’s Associates Coordinator, while others interested in the other membership categories should contact the National Secretary via this email; anthoservpub@yahoo.com

Our Mission

To contribute towards the advancement and growth of knowledge through research.

To create an avenue for knowledge dissemination for scholars, educators and researchers.

To provide a reference platform for teaching, learning and research.

Our Vision

To be among the world reputable open access Journals of the 21st century.

To encourage innovative research.

Email: info@anrescentpub.com

Address: Anthonio Research Center
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Edo State, Nigeria

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